History of Brian

History of Brian 

When we finally found Brian, we had taken along the family expert (my older wiser brother) he reviewed him thoroughly with us! We were looking for the first of many VW camper vans and felt like the first needed to have a bit of wow factor. Brian was a solid example of the late Bay T2 Classic VW camper, however there paint work had been touched up by the previous owner in an honest effort to prevent rust spots spreading. We talked long and hard over paint work and interiors as the body and engine where in great condition with the engine being completely rebuilt in 2007. However up close he looked a bit sorry in places and in need of some love and care!

These images below show the condition we brought him in, some questionable fabric choices!! 
Now came the scary part!
I warned Alice that some of the photos would be scary, especially after we paid a large some of money for him, it looked like my brother was ripping him apart!


After really getting down to the shell of the camper we had only two small repairs to the undercarriage.

As I said scary! We live in London and popped over to see him almost every weekend, however we couldn’t help question our decisions after receiving photos like this.

The front face was replaced.

Left in the sun to dry.

Going Back together!

The pop top washed and reattached 

Dom making heads and tails of that spaghetti junction!!

Looking Amazing!!

Alice working her magic on her 1939 Singer sewing machine

VW camper van

Wouldn't have done it with out the help of friends and family

Thanks to:
My big brother Dominic Cook, it is amazing what you can do, his lovely Partner Izzy Stone for putting up with us and their gorgeous daughter, keeping us up beat with her gorgeous smile. My mum for all the sandwiches and lunches and off course my dad, for supplying us with a million pairs of safety goggles, tape measures and always his own better method for doing that. Finally, my beautiful Italian, Alice Dell'Orco. It was a good few months of hard work and you made it a lot easier working with me by my side. 
Also a special thanks to Larissa Joyce, for letting us use her wonderful pictures.
Thank you all!!

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