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History of the VW T2 late bay window CamperVan
The Volkswagen T2 late Bay Camper Van imported from west Germany was considered a luxury motor caravan with a stainless steel cooker, pumped water supply, food cooler box and a full length wardrobe among its standard fittings. Furnishings where particularly luxurious with wall to wall carpeting, birch-ply wall and ceiling panels plus high quality cabinet work in a mahogany laminate finish. 
1973 - The 'late bay' was introduced in 1973, with the front indicators moved up to the new grill, the new wrap around bumpers changed for more of a square style and with the options of larger size engines making the bus much more reliable.
The late bay was also introduced with a range of safety features including a crumple zone, improved brakes and a reinforced passenger cab.
1979 - Production of the T2 Bay stopped and was replaced by the new T25, although the bay was still manufactured in south america until as late as 2014. 
The Devon elevating roof came as standard with the VW Continental, the self-locking elevating roof, opening towards the front for more headroom. Within the elevating roof is a comfortable double bed. It was a heavy duty fibreglass top with 2 air vents and reinforced plastic sides. The headlining incorporates a hardboard and expanded polystyrene insulation sandwich, minimising noise, vibration and condensation. Elevation and retraction were assisted by spring loaded metal tubing fixed to a double metal frame. Rigidity supports and safety catches were included

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