A & P

Piers & Alice

Ever since I was little, my parents took me and my siblings (4 boys and 2 girls) into the Great British Country side for all of our holidays. 
With 8 mouths to feed, leaving the UK was always out of the question, flights for 8 people 20 years ago cost a lot.

I met Alice, my partner in crime 7 years ago this December. She had recently moved to the UK, she is a Beautiful Italian from the city of Milano, who also has great memories of her own camping holidays. 

Alice was working as a reservations manager in a large Hotel in the posh West London area. The hotel itself was having works done by another builder and they weren’t doing very well.
In comes me. 

Six and a half years later when trying to understand where we were going to sleep at a brother’s upcoming wedding. We have been given the mammoth task of the wedding cake again, after the little sister’s was a great success. 
We came up with the idea of showing up in a VW Camper-van when trying to solve the sleeping arrangements. This wedding is to have a festival theme and the actual beds available where numbered. We weren’t looking forward to sleeping on the mud after a full day of wedding festivities. Especially when it’s your brother’s wedding!! 
So, after a bit of research and a few internet searches I found very little in the ways of camper van hire, without rates that where through the roof. Excuse the pop-top pun.

So, after a lot of thinking and planning we decided to start start Camper Diem. 
Camper Diem aims to provide that same great memories that we both cherish so close. There’s a whole lot of green country side to explore out there. 

So Camper Diem's first camper-van has been named Brian, (after a lot of debate with friends and family).

Alice and I along with the help of my big older wiser brother, his amazing partner and their restoration garage ‘BB Autos’, we would like to introduce the first of many Camper Vans for hire. 

For full details of what Brian went through please click here -History of Brian-
Some pictures may not be for the faint hearted.

Contact Camper Diem on 
020 3509 1514 
for VW Camper van rental.
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